International Olympus Leather Past Titleholders

2018 International Mx Olympus Leather - Raven

Raven is the 2018 Mx International Olympus Leather Title holder and anything sharp and shiny piques their interest. As the gateway to sensuality, brilliant minds are especially compelling. Believing that what one thinks affects what one feels and what one does, Raven has explored the intricacies of flirtation and seduction as well as chivalry and gallantry. These two seemingly disparate avenues led to discovering the power of intention and focus. Raven makes it easy to learn the keys to attaining both quickly and consistently. 

Of course, razors and blades are sharp and shiny as well. Beginning 15 years ago with the acquisition of a vintage 1960 Gillette Fat Boy adjustable double edge razor, a fascination has blossomed into an extensive cut-throat razor collection along with the skills in their care and use. Raven's passion for the alchemy of heat, steel, water, stone and flesh turns a simple daily routine into a ritualized spiritual journey not to be missed. 

Presentation appearances include Apex, Desert Dominion, Southwest Leather, Desire, Leather & Leis, Dark Odyssey, Behind Closed Doors, DomCon LA, DomCon NOLA, and Sin In The City.


2018 imxol raven

2018 International Ms Olympus Leather - Samsara

Samsara is best known for her affinity for the color orange, mediocre drag beards, and a trail of glitter and tears everywhere she goes. Having entered into the BDSM and kink community as quickly as possible, Samsara soon found herself ravenous for knowledge and guidance, which culminated in a passion for leather principles and play. Through the years, she has experienced roles varying from little girl, femme daddy, masochist, sadist, and general weird ass bottom. Samsara is active in the DFW leather community and a proud member of the Leather Heart Clan family. In 2017, Samsara was granted the title of Ms. Great Plains Olympus Leather, and over time and lots of spilled secrets, nurtured a relationship with her title husband that continues to grow through both kink exploration and a shared devotion to diversity education. In 2018, Samsara was named Ms. International Olympus Leather, and solidified her desire to speak on the power of vulnerability, allowing your fetishes to be fun, and learning constantly how to dismantle privilege both in the leather community and the surrounding world. If she could pass on any hope to her fellow leather folk, it would be to make every day a little braver than the past, and to always make it weird.

2018 imsol Samsara

2018 International Mr Olympus Leather - Ben

Ben is a 27 year old leather man enjoying the roles of pup, slave, and Daddy. He has been active in the DFW community for the past six years, which he considers to be the best five years of his life to date. While he grew up around Baltimore, MD, Ben made Dallas his home about seven years ago.

After entering the rope scene in 2013, Ben fell head over heels in love with kink. His love of puppy play led him to create the DFW Kennel Club group in 2015, hoping to create a community that was more accepting and accessible, and with better discernment and consent practices. He is now grateful to see a flourishing pup community full of race and gender diverse people blossoming between the monthly bar moshes, quarterly play party moshes, and annual Woofstock Texas pup & handler retreat in Cameron, TX.

His life was transformed when he experienced the Leather community for the first time. Now, Ben enjoys his responsibilities as International Mr. Olympus Leather, sharing his experiences as a trans man and helping to educate people about their privilege by pointing out his own. He can be found bootblacking at various events around Dallas, teaching wherever he isn't asked to volunteer as security, or chilling at the Eagle.

After a whirlwind of a year spent with his Great Plains Olympus Leather title partner, Samsara, he has found himself in an amazing relationship with her which he could never have expected to have. His relationship with her is a surprising and fulfilling dynamic that swings wildly between Daddy/girl and simple lovers.

For the past 3 years, Ben has been under the consideration of his owner, Katrine. Although both of them are polyamorous and pansexual, their relationship is entirely based on service; devoid of sexual or romantic energy.

This might sound odd to some, but for him, it's perfection - his family born of mingled partners is precious to him, and he couldn't be happier with the life he’s been blessed by.

2018 imrol BenW

2017 International Mx Olympus Leather - ^Perrin Shore

NOW 2019:

2017 imxol boy matt

Perrin (they/them) is a queer, polyamorous, loudmouthed activist, educator and historian. They enjoy being a service boy, a pup handler and an emotional masochist. Perrin travels often, teaching, judging and playing their way through homes and hearts.

A self identified messy Femme, Perrin doesn’t wear waterproof mascara on purpose. It's better for crying. Speaking of crying, Perrin’s favorite kinks are vulnerability and leaning into discomfort. Those often take the form of biting, fisting, rough body play and genitorture. Other ways to manifest those kinks include long intimate conversations, shared meals, and quiet cuddles. If they fall asleep during those cuddles, then they are basically married.
Perrin prides themselves in breaking the beautiful into the most exquisite messes and then walking beside them as they rebuild themselves into something uniquely whole. They are the proud protector of a delightfully derpy service pup, and the proud partner to their boyfriend as well as their fiance.


THEN 2017:

Perrin^ is a fat queer femme trans/non-binary leatherboy with they/them pronouns.They are currently serving cake for days and serving their community through blowjobs, spankings and dangerous levels of sass. They are honored to have carried the title of International Mx Olympus Leather 2017.


Perrin's favorite types of play include biting, vulnerability, genetorture, humiliation and degradation, heavy ass play and general hot sweaty sex. A firm supporter of the phrase "if you're not having fun, you're not doing it right" Matt tries to live the message of being unapologetically you.


An avid educator, Perrin has taught classes about biting, assertive submission, and building dynamics at events across the nation, as well as co-produced several KinkU in conjunction with Titans of the Midwest. They have helped raise money for charities and organizations such as Mr Friendly, the Sharon St Cyr Fund, House of Ruth, The Leather Archives and Museum and Jill's Wish. In 2017, Perrin was honored to receive the Southeast Region Pantheon Of Leather Award.


Perrin currently resides in New Albany Indiana with their partner Gabriel and their two fur children Madison and Blue. If you know of any Daddies, Mommies, Sirs or Ma'ams Looking for a whipping boy, an ashtray, or a human footstool, come find them. 

2017 International Ms Olympus Leather - Pixie

2017 International Ms Olympus Leather Pixie MaryPixie is International Ms. Olympus Leather 2017 as well as Ms. West Coast Olympus Leather 2016. She identifies as a dominant switch. Pixie has a passion for learning, service, and most recently, educating. Her journey into the BDSM/Kink community begun in the fall of 2011 in a conservative Midwestern town. Upon her return to California in the summer of 2014, she found the Leather community, and in it, she found a home.

She has dedicated herself to service in any way possible while growing and evolving in turn. She has been able to utilize the platform of her title to travel and educate women on PrEP awareness. Pixie has a passion for giving back while supporting the community that has given her so much by its existence as well as supporting near and dear causes close to home. Her service looks a little different with every endeavor, some have been strictly monetary, others take moments of my time and yet others have meant so much more. Some of these impactful experiences include Veterans Airlift Command, DomCon Los Angeles, San Diego Pride, Long Beach Pride, The Leather Realm, Mr. LA Leather, Inland Empire Leather Ambassadors, Ms. LA Leather, DM at Sanctuary Studios LAX, and many bar events.

Pixie is currently under consideration for Circle DayBreak. Circle DayBreak is Kinky Family, comprised of Dominant women, established in 2011 to provide one another a safe space to learn and experience their Kinky groove. This safe space, she explains, has allowed her to evolve from like-mindedness to finding a true expression in needle play wax play as well other forms of heavy to sensual styles of flogging, caning, and spanking. She does needle play demos and wax demos whenever possible. She enjoys dominating others, needle play, spanking, canes, crops, fisting, wax play, fire play, and flogging.


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2017 International Mr. Olympus Leather - Anthony

Anthony Harmon was raised on a small ranch in a northern Florida town called Alford. He was raised by his Native American Father and German Immigrant Mother. He has endured a lot in his childhood such as mental, physical and sexual abuse from his father. He dealt with hiding it from everyone including his mother by skateboarding and writing and playing music. After his mother died knowing that he never belonged in that small town he joined the Army and traveled the world and saw more combat and conflict then he thought he would. After 4 years he switched branches to the Navy to get a more technical job, but was outed as gay and discharged. After he was discharged he met his husband Don Harmon and has been with him ever since. Once the repeal of don’t ask don’t tell he then rejoined the Army National Guard. After 3 years was diagnosed with PTSD and was then discharged medically. 
He is no stranger to the San Diego Leather Community. He has been a strong force and advocate in the Community for the last 11 years. He was Mr. San Diego Leather First Runner Up 2011 and was Den Daddy for multiple contests. He was involved with the newly formed Leather Boys of San Diego as President for 2 years and is currently the Executive Producer for the California Drummer Competition. Anthony has also been involved with the San Diego Gay Rodeo for 14 years and has held the title of Mr. San Diego Rodeo 2006, 2008, and 2009, and was also an International Gay Rodeo Association Judge for 5 years, and is the host of San Diego cigar and boots at the Redwing, and Flogging Fridays and Beat your Drum Fetish night at the San Diego Eagle.

2017 imrol Anthony

2015-2016 International Ms Olympus Leather - Slave Boo

international olympus leather booInternational Ms. Olympus Leather is slave boo. Boo is involved in charity work, the 2 charities that she devotes her time to are Youth First and 22 Until None.  Youth FIrst is an organization in Dallas that helps LGBT youth. Her Master's household the Wulfe's Den, has cooked dinners, provided art and school supplies, donated a trailer for the Pride Parade, and much more.  22 Until None is an organization dedicated to veterans and helping them overcome PTSD, and suicide prevention. She is the owner, and founder, of Boots and Bikes.  Boots and Bikes brings all aspects of the community together to raise money for 22 Until None by washing motorcycles, and blacking leather!

The Wulfes Den is a community, charity, and activism household of more than 20 members.  Their goal is to provide support to their local community, and the first rule is that each member is required to give back, volunteer, donate, or work in the community.

In 2015, she asked a simple question about running for a Leather Title.  Within 2 months she was on stage and honored to be announced as Ms. Great Plains Olympus Leather.  A mere, 3 months later, she was onstage, in Atlanta, competing for International Ms. Olympus Leather.  The stars aligned, and with tons of support, slave boo became International Ms Olympus Leather 2015-2016.  Her year as title holder has been life changing, and amazing.  She has traveled, judged, volunteered, taught and made many many friends. Winner of the 2016 Pantheon of Leather South Central Regional Award.



2015-2016 International Mr. Olympus Leather - Fred Anderson

2015 International Mr. Olympus Leather Fred Anderson

Fred Anderson is the current International Mr. Olympus Leather 2015-2016 and Great Plains Mr. Olympus Leather 2015. He bought his first leather vest from Shades of Grey in Dallas back in 2002 and has met many wonderful people who have helped him along his leather journey.

An avid cigar aficionado and bootblack, Fred likes to teach others about Cigar play and Cigar Service, as well as bootblacking and leathercare. He's also pinned into Mama's Family as "Mama's Cigar Aficionado".  A former Gulf Coast Community Bootblack in 2008, he tries to help others care for and maintain their leather. He's had the opportunity to teach at events,  held positions of leadership in the local and international leather organizations, bootblack for contests and be a part of many organizations such as Mr. Friendly in helping reduce the stigma of HIV.

The biggest change since winning International Mr. Olympus Leather is the number of events he's attended throughout his title year. Trying to travel nearly every weekend of the year and attending local, regional and International Leather contests, he has sought to bring back visibility and a presence with Olympus Leather through volunteering and social media.

2014 International Ms Olympus Leather - Shy Frazier

2014 International Mr. Olympus Leather - Dave Faunce

Dave Faunce

Dave was born in Los Angeles, which created his kindred spirit and unique connection to the City of Angels. His first leather experience happened in 1990 at the Gauntlet Bar in LA where he was exposed to the hardcore old guard and became a kinky Angelino himself. That experience was the beginning of his raunchy leatherman journey.

Dave was Mr. Bullet Leather 2012 and was inducted into the Los Angeles Band of Brothers in 2013. He was Mr. West Coast Olympus Leather 2014 and International Mr. Olympus Leather 2014.

While utilizing his title for fundraising and charity work, Dave never forgot to party and have fun while bringing a raw and sexually charged element back into the events.

Dave is also a member of the oldest and longest running gay organization in the world, The Satyrs Motorcycle Club. "Riding a Harley-Davidson and being a gay biker in California is a dream come true. Being in the Satyrs M/C is like having the family you always dreamed of," he stated. "I am one lucky man to be assimilated into a brotherhood of great men."

2013 International Ms Olympus Leather - Robyn

2013 International Mr. Olympus Leather - Praxxis

2012 International Ms Olympus Leather - Nova

2012 International Ms Olympus Leather Nova

Nova discovered the local BDSM group in 2007 and hasn’t left since. After a while in the BDSM101 education group called The Path Nova was invited to the 201 education group called The Journey and later the 301 called Leather Quest. It was the strict education system where she earned her first leathers. Nova is currently on The Path administration team as class scheduler. She’s also assisting as one of the presenter liaisons for Rocky Mountain Rebellion 2017. Nova was Rocky Mountain Olympus Leather 2012 and went onto win International Ms. Olympus Leather 2012. She has served on numerous judging panels, and was head judge at the first Person of Leather Competition Rocky Mountain Person of Leather 2014 as well as 2016.

Nova identifies as a Fem Domme and is in a monogamous relationship with her slave Myles. Nothing pleases her more than very long artistic scenes which involve blood. She is a no bull shit type person, likes hugs and loves to chat over good coffee.

2012 International Mr. Olympus Leather - Sir Greg*
2011 International Ms Olympus Leather - Sir Kira

2011 International Mr. Olympus Leather - Master Tallen

2011 International Mr. Olympus Leather Tallen

Master Tallen came into the Master/slave lifestyle in 1997 as a slave. He began his evolution into Mastery in early 2002 and is proud of where his journey has taken him. He has experienced a lot on both sides, and with the help of many, has been exposed to numerous perspectives.  He enjoys sharing his experiences with others and trying to help them find their own paths. He has presented classes and judged Leather Contests all over the U.S. and beyond.

Currently Master Tallen is an owner of Great Plains Olympus Leather Contest, and is the Executive Producer of International Puppy and Trainer Contest.  He is a Member of NLA Dallas, DPEX, and MAsT, and serves on the EC of Beyond Vanilla.

In 2005, he created the Master/slave Flag.  In 2008 he won the Leather title as Northeast Master.  In 2011 he became Mr. Great Plains Olympus Leather, and subsequently was honored to be selected as International Mr. Olympus Leather 2011.

He loves sharing what he has experienced as well hearing from others. He is also honored to have received many Pantheon of Leather nominations over the years. But the most rewarding thing of all has been the countless number of people he has helped along in their own journeys. Their successes, and words of thanks to him, mean more than anything.

2010 International Ms Olympus Leather - Christiana

2010 International Mr. Olympus Leather - Roxy Dee^

2010 Bio for Roxy Dee^ - Roxy has retired from active traveling and teaching. Her pronouns and name have been updated, but some details may be outdated.

May be an image of 1 personRoxy Dee^ believes that if you are given the gift of education and knowledge that you have a responsibility to pass it on and share it with others. Roxy Dee is International Mr. Olympus Leather 2010 and a graduate of the Journeymen 3 Academy. She now travels nationally teaching Leather Lifestyle and BDSM workshops. Her^ workshops always promise to be informative, interactive and most entertaining.

Roxy Dee^ is a Leatherwoman trained in both traditional and modern SM leather. She lives the M/s and power exchange lifestyle fulltime. She is a long standing patched charter member of a large international motorcycle club. Through her own blood, sweat and tears Roxy has earned the leather she wears.

2010 International Mr. Olympus Leather Utah Rox


As a retired Police Officer, she incorporates real life pain delivery tactics into her play. Many of her SM tools come from being experienced in mountain search and rescue, firefighting and emergency medical response.



2009 International Olympus Leather Contest

Mistress Cyan & The Leather Journal
Mr. and Ms. International Olympus Leather
Promoting a Positive Image of the Leather Lifestyle

ev 2009 08 09 InternationalOlympusLeather
Mr. West Coast Olympus Leather Andrew Love of Salt Lake City became International Mr. Olympus Leather 2008
Ms. Southeast Olympus Leather Mistress Sabrae Michaels of Hoover, AL became International Ms. Olympus Leather 2008

Full story on Tom of Finland Foundation

2009 International Ms Olympus Leather - Mistress Simone

2008 International Ms Olympus Leather Simone

Labels, labels everywhere we turn! Some of those that fit Mistress Simone: sadist,pervert, fetishist, edge player, professional dominatrix, lifestyle educator,published author,geek and kinkster. Her community service has included the executive directorship of the Leather Rose which became the LRA,Inc.- a members BDSM club located in Chicago,Illinois where many current community groups have their roots. She has hosted and organized various auctions and fundraisers throughout the years, has been a judge for numerous leather contests including GLLA judge 2006 and Illinois Leather Sir and boy 2007 judge and Intl Puppy judge 2012. She is honored to have been the first leatherwomen judge of International Sir and Boy in 2016. As a LA&M volunteer, she worked on the Terry Rose Memorial library and wherever needed. Her educational career began at the Leather Rose with her first flogging class, where she immediately fell in love with teaching.

Now 25 years later ,she has presented at countless munches, groups and events.Some of the events she has presented at include Vicious Valentine, Kinky Kollege, COPE, Purple Passion, NELA, Shibaricon, OLF, Dark Odyssey, Fetish Flea, Southeast Leather Fest, Galleria Domain 2 and DomCon. College lectures include Northwestern University, Loyola and University of Chicago. This past year she was honored to present at the Rome BDSM conference. She is headmistress of the Chicago branch of ClubFEM, an organization designed for female dommes and male submissives.

In April 2008, she was honored to be the first recipient of the Illinois Ms. Leather Pride title. She then went on to become Ms. International Olympus 2009. During her title year, she focused on bdsm education and increasing community awareness on women leather titleholders. As well as the above she is honored to be the first woman titleholder of International Trainer 2004. Her current personal passion is writing and podcasting further on female dominance, feminism and women power issues. Branching out to print, she is the author of "The Toy Bag Guide to Chastity" released by Greenery Press in 2014. Mistress Simone has been a lifestyle and professional Dominatrix for 25 years, assisting many on their journey into kink.

2009 International Mr. Olympus Leather - Master Eric

2008 International Ms Olympus Leather - Mistress Sabrae
2008 International Mr. Olympus Leather - Andrew Love

2007 International Ms Olympus Leather - Angela Albert* (?-2014)
2007 International Mr. Olympus Leather - Sir Jeff
2006 International Ms Olympus Leather - Lady Raven

2006 International Mr. Olympus Leather - David Masterson^


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^indicates name updated after they won their title

2005 International Ms Olympus Leather - Caro

2005 International Ms Olympus Leather CaroAptly named “Mama’s Tyrannosaurus Regina,” Caro’s involvement in Leather spans almost 40 years; from the heyday of New York leather bars in the 70s and 80s, to the earliest days of AIDS activism through today. An international title holder, (Ms Olympus Leather 2005), Caro was also a recipient of the National Leather Association’s Lifetime Achievement Award and a Pantheon of Leather Award. She is a co-founder of Women In Leather International and co-founder and co-producer of the Women’s International Leather Legacy Title and a member of “The Council of Elders.” In 2013 she was honored to give the speech for Monique Von Cleef’s induction into the Leather Hall of Fame. Caro has also served on the Executive Board of the National Leather Association, International and Transcending Leather. As an educator she has taught classes and workshops since the 80s and to date has presented over 300 classes/workshops at various events, most recently at CLAW 2013. In addition, she has also been an emcee and keynote speaker for various events and she has judged over 50 local, regional, and international Leather Contests including Olympus Leather, Mr&Ms International Transgender Leather and International Mr. Leather (IML XXX). Despite all the awards and accolades, Caro continues to do things for the original reason she began to do any of it: For the Love of Leather.

2005 International Mr. Olympus Leather - Freddie Marshall

2004 International Ms Olympus Leather - Lillian Hannah

2004 International Mr. Olympus Leather - Daddy Mikey

2003 International Ms Olympus Leather - Bootpig

• At the conclusion of the evening the new Olympus Leather titleholders were announced: Mr. Olympus Leather 2003, from Daphne, Ala., is Mr. Gulf States Olympus Leather 2003 Robert. Ms. Olympus Leather 2003, from Tempe, Ariz., is Bootpig. Earlier in the evening Bootpig had been asked if she would tell her family and coworkers if she won; she replied, “I would tell everybody except my mother, who still thinks I’m a virgin.”
Mr./Ms Olympus Leather Contest 2003
Also part of the Pantheon weekend was the 2003 Mr./Ms. Olympus Leather Contest—Sunday evening, Feb. 16,  in the auditorium at the Chicago Eagle. Five female contestants and four male contestants competed. Highlights of the evening:
• During her fantasy performance Ms. Illinois Olympus Leather 2003 Miss Charlotte did an actual real-life onstage piercing of contestant Daddy Carl’s nipple. During his subsequent onstage question-and-answer session Daddy Carl noted that he had to make a change to his contest application: “I DO have a piercing.”
• The two Las Vegas contestants, Ms. Nevada Leather 2002 Debbie Fox and Mr. Nevada Leather 2002 Sir Kenneth Griffin Morgan, appeared in each other’s entertaining but startlingly similar fantasies, both to musical accompaniment by Tom Lehrer. Fox’s fantasy was a nicely choreographed “Masochism Tango,” while Morgan’s was the equally perverse “Poisoning Pigeons in the Park.” And both finished the evening as runners-up in their contest.
• Ms. Gulf States Olympus Leather Angel Melly (from Birmingham, Ala.) spent the weekend wearing a halo that appeared to be made out of a white feather boa. One of her onstage questions: Suppose she was traveling on business and the airline lost her luggage, leaving her with only a polo shirt, khakis and loafers. Would she still go to the local leather bar? Her instant response: “You’re damn skippy I would, because somebody would be cutting ’em off with a knife!”
Full details of the Olympus Leather contest, as well as photos and a complete list of this year’s Pantheon of Leather award winners, will be in an upcoming edition of The Leather Journal and will also be available at

2003 International Mr. Olympus Leather - Robert


2002 International Ms Olympus Leather - Sasha von Haner
2002 International Mr. Olympus Leather - Butch Arnold

2002 Olympus Leather butch arnold sascha von haner


Featured in "My Leather Jacket" a documentary film by Alex Wisniowski, 2005 Mr Ontario Olympus Leather.


Ran for IML 2003


2001 International Ms Olympus Leather - Sherrie Dixon

2001 International Mr. Olympus Leather - Michael Allshouse

2000 International Ms Olympus Leather - Joni Perrie
2000 International Mr. Olympus Leather - ^Jazz Thomas
1999 International Ms Olympus Leather - Cori Ander*

Screen Shot 2021 06 03 at 7.42.26 AM


Judge International Fantasy 1999

Nominated for Pantheon

by Steve Lenius: The Twin Cities leather community received a record number of nominations for this year’s Pantheon of Leather community service awards. There were a total of eight local nominations: P.J. Knight for Woman of the Year; T.I.E.S. for Club of the Year; The Minneapolis Eagle for Business of the Year; Thomas and Joshua Smith for Couple of the Year; and Cori Ander, Sam Carlisle, Gary O’Neill and Joshua Smith for the Midwest Regional Award. The award winners will be announced at this year’s tenth-anniversary Pantheon of Leather award ceremonies on the evening of Friday, Feb. 25 in New Orleans. Awards will be presented this year in 22 categories.

1999 International Mr. Olympus Leather - Erick Lundgren

1998 International Ms Olympus Leather - ^Mara

^indicates a name used after the title was awarded

(pictured right)

1998 International Mr. Olympus Leather - Charles Garrett

(pictured left)

1997 International Ms Olympus Leather - Dauphine Sowell

(pictured right)

1997 International Mr. Olympus Leather - Mylez Edward

(pictured left)

1996 International Ms Olympus Leather - Daddy Flo

(pictured right)

1996 International Mr. Olympus Leather - Master Ron Hendon

Master Ron Hendon (left) has been a member of the Leather community in the Athens-Atlanta area since 1987.  A long-time member of the former People Exchanging Power Atlanta, and heading the Athens Chapter of POP for several years.  Ron is involved with Masters And slaves Together (MAsT) group in Athens, Georgia.  Ron lectures, does stage presentations, judges and teaches classes both for the Leather and Tattoo and Body Piercing Communities.


He is the owner of Athen's oldest Tattoo and Body Piercing studio Midnight Iguana Tattoo, established in 1989.

*Gone Too Soon