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2014 Southwest Olympus Leather 1st Runner-up: Dark




2014 Southwest Olympus Leather first runner up Mr. Dark

Mr. Dark has been involved in the BDSM community for more than twenty-five years, starting in Southern California in the 1990’s. After moving to Las Vegas in 2000, he joined several groups and in 2008 started the Las Vegas D/s Society. In 2010, Mr. Dark merged Las Vegas D/s Society with Sin City D/s Network which helped create the largest BDSM network in Southern Nevada offering education, health resources and other kink related activities to his local community. With education as his main passion, Mr. Dark created the BDSM Orientation in 2011, Las Vegas’s longest running intro to BDSM class and in 2013 he founded the BDSM Educational Center offering monthly classes, a peer to peer mentor program and other BDSM/Kink related resources. In 2014 he stepped down as co-owner of Sin City D/s Network to focus his efforts on bringing BDSM education to communities everywhere.

Mr. Dark began his personal Leather journey in 2013 and in the same year he became the first runner up in the Mr. Southwest Olympus Leather contest. Since then, he continues his Leather journey while bringing BDSM education to as many people as he can. Mr. Dark also dedicates much of his time to various charity events through his group membership in the Leather Uniform Club of Las Vegas as well as his supporting roles in many other Las Vegas area BDSM and Leather groups.

2014 Southwest Mr. Olympus Leather Contestant "Steven"
2014 Southwest Mr. Olympus Leather - Papa Bear

southwest olympus leather 2014 papa bearAt the age of 16, Papa Bear began his journey researching his hidden passions via books and other literature (the only legal recourse when one discovers such proclivities at such a tender age); at age 18, a wonderful Miss took him under her wing. Under her tutelage, he learned step-by-step how to use the tools he fetishized, and he hasn’t looked back since. An active member of the Las Vegas community for some time now, Papa Bear is the 2015 President for LUC of LV, a member of the Las Vegas Leadership Council, a member of Vegas Valley TNG, a core staff member of Sin in the City, and served as the Associate Director for the last Las Vegas Mentors Program. In March of 2014, he was honored to win the title of Mr. Southwest Olympus Leather 2014, competed with his class in Los Angeles at International Olympus Leather during DomConLA and then won the title of International Person Of Leather in 2015.

Papa Bear is a leatherman on the rise and wants to help share his knowledge and the knowledge of others with everyone who hungers for it as much as he!






2013 Southwest Olympus Leather - TC

tc stepdown

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2012 Southwest Ms. Olympus Leather - Master Patricia

2012 South West Ms. Olympus Leather Master Patricia

Master Patricia started her BDSM journey in 1999. She quickly became very involved with her local BDSM club, serving on the governing council in several positions, including president. She won the title of Ms. Southwest Olympus Leather in 2012. Currently she is director of MAsT: Tucson and curator of the Leather Quilt (West). Driven by her passion to serve the leather community as part of her journey in Mastery, she continues to support various events and clubs throughout the Southwest, helping to fund raise whenever possible. Her latest endeavor is producing the Southwest Person of Leather contest. Having first claimed her Mastery at a Butchmanns Experience weekend, she went on to become executive director of The Butchmanns Experience. Her journey has included blending ritual and spirituality with her style of S&M as an important part of her Master/slave relationships. With a solid belief in power-sensitive relationships, she especially enjoys teaching and mentoring new people in the lifestyle.

2012 Southwest Mr. Olympus Leather - Master Jerome Bambrick

2012 South West Mr Olympus Leather Master Jerome

Master Jerome Bambrick has been an active member of the SM/Leather/Fetish community since 1994. During that time he has been an officer of the Society of Janus, Threshold organization, as well as the House of Differences. Master Jerome has proudly served the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom as both a director and presenter in the Educational Outreach Program. In addition, Master Jerome is also the Co-Founder of smOdyssey, creator and five times Executive Director of FolsomFringe as well as the founder of the Dungeon Monitors Association. He is also honored to have been chosen Mr. Southwest Olympus Leather 2012.

For twelve years Master Jerome worked with Law Enforcement to educate on the difference between “SM and Abuse”. A nationally sought instructor, Master Jerome has been proud to share his life experiences on Master/slave relationships, SM and the Law, as well as his oldest love…whips. He has presented for such notable groups as: Society of Janus, Threshold, NOBLE, TES, Black Rose, The Leather Leadership, The Gallery Domain Two, Kinky Kollege, KinkFest, Texas Leather Pride, Southeast Leather Fest, SinsationsinLeather, Southwest Leather Conference as well as smOdyssey, FolsomFringe, as well as many more.

Additionally, he has been numerously nominated as “Pantheons, Man of the Year” award for his work helping to educate Law Enforcement on the difference between “SM and Abuse.” He has been a long time advocate of “Educating the police before they come for you”.