International Olympus Leather Titleholders

*Gone Too Soon

2019 International Mx Olympus Leather - Ferris Oxide

I am Ferris Oxide, (They/Them), Queer, Kinky, Switch, Intersectional feminist, Trans, Disabled, and Kitchen table polyamorous. I am also parent to an amazing dog-child, Wingnut. I am an English professor and PhD student. I'm blunt, quirky, and honest. I value integrity and heart above all else and I'm passionate about "being the person I needed when I was younger.” I help queer youth develop their leadership potential and advocate for themselves effectively.

When I am not teaching or scening, I am a diversity a trainer who works with colleges, youth organizations, and health organizations to improve their ability to support LGBTIQA individuals. I also do this on my campus where I serve as the faculty advisor for Queers and Allies. In this position, I empower young adults to follow their interests in leadership, relationships, sexuality, gender, and help them develop their communication skills. I also run a monthly polyamorous gathering in Long Beach that centers queer individuals but welcomes all those who are friendly and agree to be respectful of the individuals in attendance. Poly Gatherings Long Beach provides a safe and welcoming space to those exploring non-monogamy.

2019 imxol ferris

2019 International Ms Olympus Leather - Kitten - Retired Title 2/20


Resigned from title in 2-2020.  Her Olympus Leather Family wishes her love and lots of wonderful new life memories on her next journey.

Her service at events such as Leather Reign in Seattle, Interning at the Hospitality Suite has presented her with fulfilling and amazing opportunities. Through those travels she became acquainted with the Hard Pink Sisterhood, their mission struck near and dear to her heart and she became a patched member in 2018. Living that Hard Pink life has given her a strong bond of Sisterhood with other incredible women, who’s focus is serving Humanity at large, Leather or not. Kitten has found that teaching classes has become a powerful self accountability tool in her Leather Journey. Leading others to not only creat but utilize tools and rituals of Self Care for themselves as well as their dynamics and in their play has created some powerful experiences. The Majority of her time is spent at Kitten's LA Leather home, Sanctuary LAX, where she is a proud member of the Sanctuary LAX Family. You might catch her working the door, playing on stage or keeping the party safe as a member of the DM Team. She’s Staff member for DomCon LA and known to brew the best damn cup of coffee in town. Kitten’s deepest joy is in providing service to her extended Leather Family and Leather Community at large. In her day-to-day life, Kitten is a Birth and Postpartum Doula, Child Birth & Lactation Educator, Massage Therapist, Birth & Breastfeeding Rights Activist. In her heart of hearts, Kitten’s just a Class-Five-Hurricane poured into a service girl.

2019 International Mr Olympus Leather - Randal Zotigh

Mr International Olympus Leather Randal (Boy Glovez) entered the world of kink and leather later in life and considers himself a high energy Brat. Fully cognizant that brats get a bad reputation of disrespect, he finds that in the right situation, the playfulness adds to the dynamic. He is a true switch with submissive tendencies who flags Black, Hunter Green, Grey, Light Blue, and Navy Blue, all to the middle. In addition, he enjoys many other fun things.  Before winning the Olympus Leather 2019 title he was Mr. Great Plains Olympus Leather 2018 and Mr. Route 66 Leather 2016.

Randal’s community involvement includes Team Friendly Oklahoma Inc.; TULSA; NLA OK and International; SEMP (Submissive Educational Mentoring Program); Kink Weekend OKC and the Route 66 Leather competition.  Randal is Mamas Playful Panda.  In addition to working in community organizations, he has created and delivered classes for both the Kink Community and for the business community.

Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too?  By the way, Randal loves cake.

2019 imrol randall loves cake.