kaiKai Anderson is a 44 year-old Data Science Engineer who currently resides in Atlanta, GA. A native of Southern California, by way of Washington DC (which he calls his second home) Kai began his leather journey in 2015 when he pledged ONYX Mid-Atlantic. Since then he's made it his personal goal to give back to the LGBTQ community through education and mentoring.

Kai was the first trans-identified Leatherman of Color (2017) and the first PoC transgendered person to finish in the top 10 at International Mr Leather 2017. Kai is passionate about leather history and the role that people of color have played in the leather and BDSM communities. Kai loves music and has played with DC Different Drummers, an LGBT wind ensemble, marching and swing band. A heavy top/switch, impact play & whip enthusiast, Kai enjoys teaching and learning about whips - between ones he's made or purchased he probably has a collection of over 50 whips of various types and sizes. Kai continues to strive toward making the world a better place through cooking, baking & being an all-around cool dude.








The Leather community is comprised

of an extremely diverse group of people

ranging from the MC/Leather/Levi clubs

to the heaviest SM edge player Olympus

Leather is a stage for non-biased visibility.

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The Olympus Leather Mr/Ms/Mx

International & Regional Titles seek

to promulgate traditional Leather

values without bias regarding an

individual's age, ability or identity.

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