prestonPreston “wexx” So is Mr. International Rubber 20 (2017) and Mr. New England Rubber 2016. The first international fetish titleholder of Asian heritage, he is honored to bring the MIR title back to New England and the New England Rubber Men. Preston has been interested in rubber since 2007 but bought his first gear in 2010 after long cultivating his interests in sports gear and spandex.

Preston was resident materials expert at Harvard College Munch, the BDSM student organization at his alma mater. In this capacity, he helped other students explore not only safe, sane, consensual kink but also leather, rubber, spandex, and similar fetishes, at a time when the group was publicly vilified by Bill O’Reilly on Fox News as a university-funded “sex club.”

Having judged fetish contests in New England, New York City, and beyond, Preston believes that being a rubberist is inextricable from one’s person. He is proud to practice his passion by wearing latex out regularly and mentoring new rubberists regardless of their gender or sexuality, including through his “Latex Fetishism 101” workshop about latex care and latex fetish practices.

As Mr. International Rubber 20 and a rubberist of color, Preston’s mission is to rubberize the world — to bring the latex fetish to places further afield and especially to unawakened rubberists.








The Leather community is comprised

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ranging from the MC/Leather/Levi clubs

to the heaviest SM edge player Olympus

Leather is a stage for non-biased visibility.

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The Olympus Leather Mr/Ms/Mx

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