#IOL2018 Judge Renee

reneeRenee's interest and exploration of BDSM and Leather was sparked in the mid 1990's. She came into the lifestyle as a submissive, but soon realized that to her core she is a slave and Service is her path. A combination of community involvement and personal study helped to establish a strong foundation for her slavehood, solidifying her belief system.

The Drive of Service and her desire to better connect her two communities led Renee to run for Ms. Alaska Leather in 2016. With the title came change and opportunity! A move to Anchorage and travel to events in the lower 48 re-ignited the desire to understand, learn, and share her love and value of Leather with her Alaskan community. This also began her work to document and preserve Alaskan Leather History, with special focus on Alaska's Leather Women. This journey ultimately led her to step up as the 2017 Women's International Leather Legacy.

Currently, Renee's joy is found in recording the “Herstory” of the Women's Leather community as WILL. She also works on teaching communities how to document and preserve their own leather histories, through L.E.A.P., the Leather Evidence Archive Project.

Renee is involved with several organizations. She is a member of The Last Frontier Men's Club, HardPink Sisterhood and ACAL, The Alaska Center for Alternative Lifestyles. For Northern Exposure, Renee is part of the production team as registration lead. She also works with Alaskan Aids Assistance Association on the volunteer committee to produce the annual Fetish Ball fundraiser, and is an avid supporter of The Imperial Court of All Alaska. (withdrawn from '18 panel-open invitation to judge at another time)