#IOL2018 Judge Dave Rhodes

daveDave Rhodes is the founder and executive producer emeritus of Olympus Leather, he is also the publisher and editor of The Leather Journal.
In 1991 he created the Pantheon of Leather Community Service Awards.

Recipient of most every award this community offers but most recently the Lifetime Achievement Award 2016 from the Albuquerque Leather Daddy's. In 2017, he recieved the inagural Leather Rhodes Service Award, which was named for him during Olympus Leather Weekend.

He served as president of Somandros 1986-89, one of the founders of NLA: Los Angeles. He is a member of Avatar Club Los Angeles, Threshold Society, associate member of Chicago Hellfire Club and The 15 Association, honorary member of Tarheel Leather Club, Phoenix Boys of Leather and Albuquerque Leather Daddy's.

Dave has judged IML, International Ms Leather, International Mr. Drummer, International Mr. Fantasy, International Leather Sir and Leatherboy, Mr. International Rubber, American Brotherhood, International Puppy, International Master/slave and NLA: International. In total, over 450 contests.