While Olympus Leather Weekend's main reason for existing is the International Olympus Leather Contest, from what we have been able to gather, we are the first International Leather Event to come to San Diego in 20 years.  San Diego's Leather Community has been home to some of the sickest and most twisted Leather Events I have ever attended (or heard of) including Hard Edge and Leatherfest.  I invite you to come and experience ALL that America's Finest City has to offer.  ~Vonn



930a Registration

10a-5p Vending BPC Vendors Space

10a-5p & negotiation Blades & Boots Salon

10-5p dungeon open

10a-2a History Display: Leather Quilt

10a-2a Silent Auction

11a-2p West Coast Olympus Leather Welcome Coffee and Brunch Hospitality

11a-5p Survive Her Ticket Challenge (tbd)


2p-5p Wild West Olympus Leather Mai Tai Matinee Hospitality

3p - EDUCATION Pan Onca - Kiss of Steel

5p-7p Central Canada Olympus Leather Maple Leaf Mixer, IOL Meet and Greet Hospitality

8p International Olympus Leather Contest Opening Ceremonies Peacock II

OLW Hillcrest Bar Run Sponsored by Mo's Universe and The Rail (Hospitality Shuttles Available)



10a Registration

10a-5a Vending BPC Vendors Space

10a-5pm & negotiation Blades & Boots Salon

10a-2am History Display: Leather Quilt

10a-2am Silent Auction

10-5p dungeon open

11-2 American Brotherhood Weekend Coffee, Munch -n- Brunch Hospitality

11-5 Survive Her Ticket Challenge (tbd)

1 EDUCATION Pan Onca - Twisted a basic guide to florentine flogging

2-5 IOL 2017 Titleholder Pre-Luau Mixer Hospitality

2-5 pm Pup Mosh Paradise Room (pending)

3 EDUCATION - Titleholder Panel Q&A - Peacock II Ballroom

4:45 Seating opens for International Olympus Leather Contest Luau Dinner & keynote

9 International Olympus Leather Contest Night of Fantasies

Contest End - 1am Onyx SoCal-Southwest & Onyx Pearls SE Midnight Matinee: Saturday Church  Hospitality

Contest End -1am dungeon open



11am 2018 IOL Titleholders Coffee, Mimosas and muchies

1-5 Vending BPC Vendors Space

1pm - EDUCATION - James Rawley - Cigars not JUST for play anymore

1-5pm Dungeons Open

2-4pm Great Plains Olympus Leather Cigars and Storytellers  Hospitality Smoking Tent -

3pm Bootblack Party in Dungeon

3pm EDUCATION - BLADES AND BOOTS SALON Straight Razor 101: Care, Use and Storage

4-6  San Diego Leather Pride Cigars Sunday Wind Down Hospitality Smoking Tent

5-7 Vendor Tear Down and Load out

7-10 Hospitality II Thank you Dutch Dinner**, Drinks and Deserts. Hospitality Room 1502


**This is a time for family and volunteers who are left in town to wind down and relax with friends. We'll be ordering in and going dutch on dinner, place orders by 630pm sunday with Don in Hospitality.  Drinks and Deserts will be served.