Florida Olympus Leather History

2006 Florida Mr. Olympus Leather Eric Siglin Judges 2006 Philadelphia Leather Contest


Photo Judge Eric Siglin Mr. Florida Olympus 2006

1999 Florida Mr. Olympus Leather - Jack Greeney

Jack is currently serving as clergy for the Pagan community of Central Florida and is an open Leatherman. This experience has provided him with unique insights and an opportunity to explore the union of the Leather Lifestyle within a spiritual context. He Currently holds the title of Mister Florida Olympus Leather 1999.


The Leather community is comprised

of an extremely diverse group of people

ranging from the MC/Leather/Levi clubs

to the heaviest SM edge player Olympus

Leather is a stage for non-biased visibility.

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The Olympus Leather Mr/Ms/Mx

International & Regional Titles seek

to promulgate traditional Leather

values without bias regarding an

individual's age, ability or identity.

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